Senin, 13 Januari 2014

PROSE WORLD: Prose and Poetry

Name               : Annisa Nur Azizah
Card number   : 2109110078
Grade              : 3B
Subject                        : Prose

1.      It inspires me especially in showing the differences of attitude among all characters in the novel and the consequence of each attitude. When all attitudes in the novel (a little description of real life) are similar, I think each problem never be able to be solved. All the differences are dynamicization of life. In my opinion, sense is one of good attitudes to neutralize bad situations and it can avoid other new problems turns to make the situation became worst.  For instance, when Elinor and her family should move to Cottage and undergo to life in sketchy life, Elinor does not make the situation more complicated. She accepts her new life although the general condition around there is not easy to be experienced.
2.      I have thought that feeling is easy to be controlled. Feeling is easy to compromise for handling every situation. Hiding our feeling or thought is a good way to avoid every problem became worst.
3.      After I read the novel, it was different. We always need strong hearth and hard effort to manage our feeling. It is not as like as in my expectation. Sometimes, I think hiding my feeling of thought in every bad situation is a good way, but it is not right every time. Sometimes we need to speak and sometimes we need to hide our feeling and thought. It depends on context of situation.
4.      Firstly, I feel difficult to understand the novel because I do not read it step by step. When I know the novel talks about complicated love and family, I think story of the novel is similar with Indonesian film. Because of it, in the first time I have a little judgment that the novel will make me bore because I rather do not like complicated love story as like as Indonesian film. Furthermore, it is difficult for me to remember many names especially in story form. Frequently I lost some name especially the name without frequent mentioning in the story. I should back to the previous part to find out the forgotten name. Based on the difficulty, I try to find short explanation about the characters in the novel and general story of the novel.
5.      After I try to solve my problem in understanding the novel, finally, I can enjoy and get comprehend story of the novel. Besides, I can find another think from the novel. My little judgment is locked because my concentration moves to learn some attitudes in the novel and all consequences of the attitudes. I enjoy to watch Elinor’s thought and her way to organize her feeling and face her real life. The easiest part absolutely is my part (chapter 35 and 36) because I give more attention to the chapters. Besides, the first chapters that I have read were chapter 35 and 36. It is satisfying because finally I can get the main story and know the characters. I also can learn some attitude in facing some situations and the consequence of each attitude.
6.      Good point of the novel:
The novel has different way to describe the differences among attitudes and criticize social gap in the story. I think it based on the real condition of local social problem and culture. It also success to tell the reader about Elinor condition in managing her feeling.
Bad point of the novel:
Some parts of the novel shows excessive attitude especially Lucy’s attitude. Actually, she (the character) contributes enough part to built the conflict or make the conflict more complicated, but sometimes her attitude is over constructed. It makes the story looks unnaturally.
How to improve it:
Actually, I am not an expert in making novel, but I believe everything will be nice to be listened, to be seen, to be feel and to be read when it runs naturally. Fiction is constructed, but do not make it looks awkward or over intended. In my opinion it is better to create it to be natural. Because of it, Lucy’s attitude will be better if it is created more naturally although the character is needed to contribute in making the conflict in the story more complicated.
7.      Family contribution is important to individual happiness because both of family and individual should understand each situation and give attention to the situation of every family member each other.

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